Who we are



NEN.X is an austrian jewelry brand established in 2023 by Verena Diesch and Max Matissek - focused on handcrafting solid gold jewelry. 

„We started creating jewelry for ourselves with a simple idea in mind. It needs to stand the test of saltwater, ocean watersports and time. We can happily say, that we achieved just that - and have the feeling that after every session in the water our jewelry shines even brighter than before. :)“

Our mission is to create handcrafted jewelry with the highest possible quality and durability. Pieces with contemporary designs that can be worn forever. Made of solid, recycled or fair trade metals such as solid 14k and 18 gold.


Our jewelry is meant to be worn at special occasions, special chapters or simply being companions of a whole human lifetime. Our vision is to encourage a quality over quantity mindest of consumption. 


We dream that NEN.X jewelry will be passed through to future generations in a never ending circle. 


Verena Diesch
Max Matissek

Verena Diesch is a educated dentist from Lake Constance/Germany. 

Max Matissek is a photographer and former professional windsurfer from Lake Neuisedl/Austria. 

„We love the idea that NEN.X jewelry can be passed over to future generations in a never-ending circle. We realized that solid gold and white gold are materials that will always stay shiny and beautiful. Even more so, after a surf session in salty water.“

We create jewelry that is resource-saving, handcrafted and made in Germany. Pieces that have the potential to be worn throughout generations and beyond.


The reason why


The reason behind our mission is straightforward. Both of us lead active lifestyles and share a strong connection to watersports and the ocean. Additionally, we've always had a passion for wearing jewelry. In the past, we discovered that all kinds of jewelry not made of a single solid material lost their shine and gold surface over time, especially when exposed to salty water or during other sporty activities. Some lost their luster sooner, others later, but eventually, all of them did. Only solid gold items maintained their full shine.


Our requirements for jewelry were that we could wear them in any condition, like a talisman, that is always with us.

We wanted pieces that would stay with us forever, like a tattoo on our skin. Something like what our grandparents had and might have given to some of us. Something that we could pass to future generations or loved ones once we collected enough memories with it. Something emotional and special. 


Our quest for solid gold pieces, however, presented a substantial challenge. We struggled with finding designs and motifs that truly resonated with our hearts. Moreover, we remained in the dark about the origins of the gold in these pieces, the hands that mined them, and the place where it was made. 


Simultaneously, Verena’s journey in dentistry introduced her to the machinery and techniques also used by goldsmiths. The resemblance of these tools to the ones used by goldsmiths, ignited Verena’s passion to create her own pieces of jewelry made from solid gold. 


After years of experimentation, learning from mistakes, and continuous improvement, we finally felt prepared to transform our dream into a reality and launch our brand. This is NEN.X.